War in the Balkans: Briefing: Day 21

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n The Netherlands will send 360 troops to Albania this week to take part in Nato's refugee relief effort Operation Allied Harbour. 220 marines and 140 army personnel, as well as freight and rough terrain vehicles, will be sent.

n British soldiers in the last 24 hours distributed 2600 meals, 1600 chicken pieces, 1 pallet apples, 4,500 loaves, 6 pallets of water.

n The British army's catering support is being wound down and will end on Friday as aid agencies take over.

n Bosnia has established a crisis centre to deal with refugees pouring into the country.

n 68 lorries carrying 300 tons of Russian and Belarus relief aid for Serbia crossed the border from Hungary to Yugoslavia.

t Nato has asked for more than 300 additional US aircraft to use against Yugoslavia.