War in The Balkans: Briefing: Day 22

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n Of Nato's 5,924 missions so far, only 1,687 have been bombing missions.

n South Korea will donate $1m worth of blankets.

n State-owned Air Bosnia said yesterday it would resume flights to Germany and Turkey after a three-week closure of the country's airports.

n Training will be held for teachers to prepare them for emotional and psychological problems of refugee pupils.

n Volunteers at Children's Aid Direct have packed over 1,000 boxes with aid in the past four days. The charity is increasing its distribution of school packs, which include maths and writing books, pencils and pens, to cover the needs of a further 30,000 children.

n British Royal Engineers are helping to clear rubbish from refugee camps. They have also been building latrines and setting up tents.

n Catering support provided by the British Army will be wound down tomorrow.

n Turkey has accepted more than 10,000 refugees since the beginning of the week. Albania has taken in about three times as many refugees as Macedonia.