War in the Balkans: Briefing: Day 23

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n 5,000 new refugees have arrived in Brazde and Stenkovac camps, Macedonia. Plans to build a 350-tent camp as an extension to Brazde are under way.

n 5,000 litres of water, 5,000 ready meals, 3,000 packets of biscuits, 50 pallets of apples, 22 pallets of milk, six pallets of oranges, 4,032 tins of corned beef, three pallets of fish, 13,000 loaves of bread have been distributed by British troops.

n France has put 2,000 troops with 15 Leclerc battle tanks and heavy artillery on alert to join a possible international peace force in Kosovo.

n Denmark has agreed to Nato's request to double - to eight - its air force F-16 fighter jets.

n Germany suspended all flights by its unmanned reconnaissance aircraft after the loss of its third pounds 1m drone this week. It still has 18 such drones in the Balkans.

n Bulgaria will donate 94 tanks and 108 M-30 Howitzers to help Macedonia strengthen its under-equipped army.

n The road from Kukes to Tirana is deteriorating rapidly, restricting southward transportation of refugees to 2,000 per day. Nato examining the possibility of repairs.

n Royal Navy officials say they are readying warships for possible deployment in the Adriatic to shadow Nato vessels taking part in attacks on Yugoslavia.

n Bari airport in Italy, closed since the Nato offensive began, is due to be reopened today. The airport will only handle one civilian flight every two hours. The move was taken in response to concerns about the tourism industry in Puglia.

n 35 humanitarian flights landed in Albania.

n Slovenia said it would provide temporary asylum to 1,800 refugees from Kosovo.

n A Greek sailor assigned to a Nato mission outraged military brass and upset government officials by refusing to set sail as he opposes the attacks on Yugoslavia.