War In The Balkans: Briefing - Day 31

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n Nato said its aircraft had destroyed a Yugoslav artillery battery in Kosovo, as well as a troop convoy, six tanks and a brigade command post during attacks over the previous 24 hours. Cruise missiles, launched from ships in the Adriatic, also struck electricity transformers in the Belgrade area.

n United Nations agencies have asked national governments for $625m (pounds 390m) to fund relief operations for the refugees. The amount is based on the needs of 950,000 refugees until June.

n Finland says it will take about 1,000 refugees from camps in Macedonia over the next few weeks, starting with 164 arrivals next Monday.

n Switzerland is to take 2,500 refugees after a request from the UN High Commission for Refugees. Priority will be given to people who already have relatives in the country.

n Germany says it may take in more refugees, despite having already flown 10,000 people from makeshift camps.

n During the past 24 hours, 28 aid flights have arrived in Albania, delivering 11 tons of food and water. 19 flights have arrived in Macedonia, with 93 tons of food and water and five tons of medical supplies.

n The UNHCR is predicting an influx of refugees into Albania. More than 212,000 people are expected.