War in the Balkans: Briefing: Day 35

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n The Foreign Office has provided pounds 100,000 funding to restart the Albanian-language newspaper, Kota Ditore.

n Over 300 British troops have arrived in the Greek port city of Salonica to reinforce Nato troops stationed in Macedonia. British military vehicles arrived on board a ship carrying 30 containers of military equipment.

n A total of 1,800 British troops are expected in Macedonia in the next few days, the majority flying directly to the capital, Skopje.

n Japan will give an additional $20.4m (pounds 12.75m) in emergency aid to help ethnic Albanian refugees.

n The Czech government says three planes will be sent to Macedonia to transport Kosovo Albanians to the Czech Republic.

n Finland has received its first Kosovo refugees (160).

n The Rev Jesse Jackson is leading a 20-member delegation of US religious leaders to Yugoslavia, hoping to secure the release of three American soldiers and provide Milosevic with "an honourable way" to resume peace negotiations. The delegation will include rabbis, Muslim clerics and Serb- American religious leaders.

n Kuwait Television has raised $7m (pounds 4.3m) for refugees in an all- day drive to help fellow Muslims.