War in the Balkans: Briefing: Day 36

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n The UN's top war crimes prosecutor, Louise Arbour, will meet senior US officials today to press for access to evidence implicating those responsible for ordering atrocities by Serb forces in Kosovo.

n Turkey has readied 1,000 soldiers to take part in a possible Nato peace- keeping mission in Kosovo.

n Switzerland, Greece and Russia are planning a programme of humanitarian aid to Kosovo after receiving security guarantees from Serbian authorities.

n The American actor Richard Gere visited refugees in camps north of Skopje in Macedonia.

n The Republican-led US Congress is ready to double President Bill Clinton's request for $6bn to help pay for the conflict with Yugoslavia. But a showdown loomed as the House opened debate on a challenge to his authority to widen the military campaign.

n After four weeks in Yugoslav captivity, three US servicemen have been able to send reassuring messages to their families.