War in the Balkans: Conflict Briefing: Day 15

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Nato aircraft flew 439 sorties in the latest round of attacks and struck at 28 fixed targets.

Over the first 15 days of the campaign, 190 attacks have been conducted, over 80 of which were in the past four days.

On Tuesday, RAF Tornados attacked a military complex, flying from Germany, achieving direct hits against all targets.

The British Army is operating 19 mobile kitchens in Macedonia, producing 10,000 portions every 12 hours. The UN's World Food Programme appealed to donor nations for a further pounds 15.1m, bringing the total cost of its aid operations in the region to pounds 29m.

The European Commission proposed yesterday that the 15-nation European Union make available up to 250m euros (pounds 145.3m) in aid to help ease the refugee crisis.

Nato flew 35 aid flights to Macedonia and Albania, with180 tons of tents, a 100-bed hospital and 300,000 food rations.