War in the Balkans: Conflict Briefing: Day 28

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n Bangladesh has offered to send troops to join any future UN peacekeeping force in Kosovo.

n Romania has granted Nato unlimited access to its air space.

n Greece is taking precautionary measures to minimise any harm the airstrikes may have on tourism.

n The German military is planning to send helicopter and communications units to Albania to assist Nato efforts to aid more than 300,000 Kosovar refugees.

n Germany has contributed pounds 310,000 to a UN agency to help document human rights abuses in Kosovo.

n Thousands of Greek Cypriot students walked out of their classes to hurl eggs at the US embassy to protest the Nato bombings.

n The racing driver Ralf Schumacher cancelled a visit to Slovenia yesterday because of its proximity to the conflict over Kosovo. Slovenia is more than 188 miles from Yugoslavia.

n The Dutch government is offering shelter in tent camps in The Netherlands to 1,000 refugees with medical problems.