War In The Balkans: Finding Homes

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The UN High Commission for Refugees estimates that more than 600,000 people, the vast majority of them ethnic Albanians, have left Kosovo since Nato began its air assault 24 March.

Many of Kosovo's 1.8 million ethnic Albanians were already displaced before the current exodus. This includes 100,000 Kosovars who sought asylum in European countries before the air strikes on Yugoslavia.

The whereabouts and numbers of the refugees, according to the UNHCR:

Albania 363,100

Macedonia 135,200

Montenegro 65,700

Bosnia H'govina 32,500

Refugees who have been evacuated from Macedonia, according to the UNHCR:

Germany 9,974

Turkey 4,425

Norway 1,265

France 772

Belgium 676

Austria 45

Poland 635

Britain 161

Netherlands 152

Sweden 132

Israel 106

Croatia 88

Switzerland 33

Iceland 23

Countries that have offered to take in refugees on a temporary basis, according to governments:

Turkey 20,000

United States 20,000

Germany 10,000

Finland 10,000

Norway 6,000

Sweden 5,000

Austria 5,000

Switzerland 2,500

Netherlands 2,000

Denmark 1,500

Romania 1,500

Poland 1,000

Iceland 100

Malta 100

Countries that have offered to take in refugees, but where plans have been put on hold because UNHCR wants to keep them in Europe:

Canada 5,000

Australia 4,000