War in the Balkans: Quotes

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"I told [Milosevic] you will see your `Greater Serbia' in a sea of blood and sorrow"

Joschka Fischer

German Foreign Minister

"[Milosevic] told me this would be worse than Vietnam, and I told him you are not Ho Chi Minh"

Joschka Fischer

"We will carry on pounding day after day after day, until our objectives are secured"

Tony Blair

"We came to show the world we are not afraid of anyone and that our final victory is near"

A youth in Belgrade

"Bosnia taught us that if you act late, you pay a higher price"

Javier Solana, Nato secretary-general

"I cannot say whether we are going to fight our way in or there may be a surprise for all of us"

Kofi Annan, of the UN