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"Through a political process a just peace can be reached: stability, a humane solution for all inhabitants of Kosovo"

Slobodan Milosevic

"One should never underestimate [Milosevic's] ability to go down in a ball of fire, to do a Hitler, to destroy everything"

Mark Wheeler, Balkan expert

"You can have 2 million soldiers and Nato will have Vietnam in Europe. Nato will break its teeth in Serbia"

Arkan, Serbian militia leader

"We will not stand by as Milosevic inflames and exploits the deepest hatred in the human heart"

Al Gore, US Vice-President

"I have no reason to think all the Kosovars will go back or they will all be integrated in Albania"

Brunson McKinley, director of UN's migration office

"Every single family I have spoken to has a horror story of its own to tell, each of them living in indescribable squalor"

Paddy Ashdown