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"No matter how long the people stay as refugees in the Balkans, the planting season has been totally lost this year"

Jean-Jacques Graisse,

WFP director of operations

"The Serbs told us we were Albanian and we must go back to Albania. But I have never been to Albania before"

Kosovar refugee in

Kukes, Albania

"At 3:10 am Nato committed a criminal act without precedence - an assassination attempt on the president of a sovereign state"

Goran Matic,

Yugoslav minister

"[Any] international troops must be approved by the UN Security Council. We need to seek any opening for diplomacy"

Kofi Annan,

UN Secretary-General

"The KLA isn't much of a factor if you look at the overall military picture in the former Yugoslavia. It is seen as part of the problem"

Western military officer based in Skopje, Macedonia

"For the sake of its credibility alone, Nato was forced to intervene against mass deportations and mass murder in Kosovo"

Gerhard Schroder,

German Chancellor