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"It's sensible to review our plans for ground deployment in the light of changing circumstances"

George Robertson, Secretary of State for Defence

"Kosovo needs a competent army. People who have never fought shouldn't go to Kosovo"

Bujar Bukoshi, Kosovo government-in-exile

"I've seen children dying, women thrown into the cold... I never imagined such things could occur"

Kosovo Albanian actress Safete Rugova, a refugee

"As much as I wish Milosevic would stop the fighting... we don't have any evidence that's about to happen"

Ken Bacon, of the Pentagon

"We have not done enough damage yet, which is why we have to intensify it, widen it and add other measures"

Tony Blair

"Our efforts can be judged by whether they enable refugees to return safely to their homes"

Kofi Annan,

UN secretary-general