War in the Balkans: Quotes

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"It's exhausting, but it is getting very interesting. We are getting quite serious anti-aircraft fire, and Serbian missile defences are locking on to us."

A senior Nato pilot

"The authorities in Prizren seem to be on their final push to cleanse the town of the remaining `undesirables' "

Kris Janowski, UN refugee agency spokesman

"There has certainly been a mass killing. Refugees who passed through [Meja]... have all spoken of bodies in ditches and fields"

Lyndall Sachs, UN refugee agency spokeswoman

"In the bombing, large numbers of civilians have been killed, and Nato remains the sole judge of what is or is not acceptable"

Mary Robinson,

UN Human Rights chief

"An international presence in Kosovo is not a problem ... but only a civilian and unarmed mission would be acceptable"

Ivica Dacic, spokesman for Milosevic's Socialist Party

"They showed them a wall. They had guns, and said, `Go there'. They did not explain"

Muharrem Gaxharri, whose son was taken by Serbs in the massacre at Meja