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"Clearly, faulty information led to a mistake in targeting"

US Defense Secretary William Cohen and CIA Director George J Tenet in a rare joint statement

"Bombing the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia is equivalent to bombing Peking"

Chinese woman in her mid-twenties, outside the British embassy in Peking

"The US should apologise. Several people have died and they are Chinese. You can't do that. It's really evil"

A 21-year-old student, Nian Bomin, from Peking

"Armed conflicts always bring mishaps. We have dropped about 9,000 pieces of ordnance. Only 12 have gone astray ... We continue to be accurate"

Jamie Shea, Nato spokesman

"We beseech President Jiang [Zemin] to declare war on the United States"

Sign seen in Peking carried by a man and his adolescent son

"There was then, and is now, no alternative to Nato's air campaign. That campaign is both right and necessary"

Doug Henderson

Defence minister