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"Again I want to say to the Chinese people, I apologise. But it is very important to draw a distinction between a mistake and deliberate ethnic cleansing"

President Bill Clinton

"Of course we regret the loss of life at the Chinese embassy. But are these tens of thousands of lives inside Kosovo worth less because there is no film of them?" Tony Blair

"Considering that the actions against the [KLA] have been completed, the supreme command ordered the partial withdrawal of the army"

Yugoslav army statement

"It is justified to stop the violence in Kosovo, but there is a need to end the bombardments, which have entered the civilian [area]"

Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Italian President

"Milosevic's vision is ... all Albanians to Albania, all Serbs to Serbia, and the border will be sealed with blood"

Joschka Fischer German Foreign Minister

"Even though the situation in Kosovo is deteriorating, there are politicians seeking solutions with the very people who caused this tragedy" Bardhyl Mahmuti, KLA representative