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"We need to be ready to take the refugees home as soon as it is appropriate and safe to do so ... in a permissive or a non-permissive environment"

Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary

"Those troops are going to go in in a permissive way. We will keep intensifying the air campaign. We believe it is working"

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State

"We should not think of an intervention by ground troops, but we must work to arrive at a negotiated solution to the conflict"

Lamberto Dini, Italian Foreign Minister

"I was lucky. I was beaten only on the hands, 70 to 100 times. Others were forced to fight each other with broomsticks"

Fitim Syla, a man who was given up for dead in Kosovo

"I think that if we don't send ground troops this conflict will never be resolved"

Carlos Westendorp, West's top peace envoy to Bosnia and former Spanish foreign minister