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"Several hundred men crossed the border. That leaves 200,000 missing, 200,000 reasons why we must see this through to the end"

George Robertson,

Defence Secretary

"We have seen enough evidence to confirm that indeed there has been an attempt at displacing internally and externally a shocking number of civilians"

Sergio Vieira de Mello, UN humanitarian team leader

"You could call it the last push [of refugees being expelled from Kosovo]... we've seen a massive influx"

Astrid Van Genderen Stort, UNHCR spokeswoman, in Blace, Macedonia

"Within Nato there is a strong unity ... The air campaign is successful and if we are a little bit more patient ... we will reach our objectives I'm sure"

Rudolf Scharping,

German Defence Minister

"We really have a chance for a glorious victory against the greatest world power. We really have an historic chance to win"

Maj-Gen Vladimir Lazarevic, commander of the Yugoslav army's Pristina Corps

"Diplomatic efforts are reaching a decisive point. The difficulty is that many actors must be in sync to take a courageous step"

Ludger Volemer, a German foreign affairs minister