War In The Balkans: Quotes

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"Nato has no alternative but to continue and intensify the air campaign until ... the Yugoslav side are prepared to implement the agreement fully and without ambiguity"

General Mike Jackson

"The Serbs want a longer time to retreat so they have more time to steal our things. They will be carrying more stolen goods than weapons"

Beqir Seferi, a refugee

"We knew this would happen. Everyone in the world should have learnt by now that Milosevic never honours his word"

Mefail Lika, a refugee from Kacanik

"It's time to buy candles and fill the bath tubs with water. It looks like bombs will fall again on Belgrade. What the hell, we don't care. We are prepared for anything"

A Belgrade resident

"Behind this foot-dragging is a drive to destroy the evidence of their ethnic cleansing before the Serb troops depart"

George Robertson, Defence Secretary

"The KLA is not surprised ...Milosevic doesn't know the language of diplomacy, he only understands the language of force"

Kadri Kryeziu, KLA spokesman