War in the balkans: The Alliance's Mistakes

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IF KORISA has been bombed by Nato it will be the deadliest but not the first of the alliance's blunders since the air campaign began on 24 March.

The decision to bomb Serb television headquarters on 23 April was not a mistake officially, but was widely condemned in the West and viewed as a big error in the propaganda war. Yugoslavia says that 1,200 civilians have been killed and 5,000 injured since Nato's bombing began.

t 6 April: Nato's bombs kill at least five people and wound dozens in the residential area of Aleksinac, 150km south of Belgrade.

t 12 April: Nato hits a passenger train south of Belgrade. Yugoslavia says at least 30 died. Nato apologises for "uncanny accident".

t 14 April: Nato air strikes hit ethnic Albanian refugees in Kosovo road convoys. Yugoslavia reports 64 dead. Nato admits five days later it may have made mistakes.

t 23 April: Nato destroys Serbian state television building in central Belgrade, killing at least 10 people.

t 1 May: Nato missile hits bus at Luzane, north of Pristina. Serb TV says 39 people were killed.

t 7 May: Nato accidentally bombs the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three people and wounding 20.