War In The Balkans: The Balkan Question

Key Issues Behind The War Explained
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Much has been made of a pan-Slavic solidarity with Serbia in the Kosovo conflict. Is this true?

Up to a point. Russia, of course, is totally opposed to the Nato airstrikes, and vows to ignore any oil blockade the allies impose. So too is the more inconsequential Belarus. The Slav majority in Macedonia is also strongly pro-Belgrade. Other Slav countries, however, have different views. Croatia and Slovenia, which fought wars this decade to break free of Yugoslavia, are Nato's loudest cheerleaders. Poland, a new Nato member, also supports the war. Opinion is mixed in the Czech Republic, another Nato newcomer. Slovakia has doubts, but has granted Nato access to its roads and railways. Despite widespread public sympathy for the Serbs, Bulgaria has opened its airspace to allied warplanes. A factor in Bulgaria and in Ukraine is the hope that support for Nato now will improve their chances of entering the alliance later.