War In The Balkans: The Timetable

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Monday 29 March 9:10am: Igor Sergeyev, Russian Defence Minister, claims Nato air strikes in Yugoslavia have killed 1,000 civilians

10:00am: Two US B-52 bombers take off from RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire

10:30am: President Clinton vows to keep on bombing until Yugoslavia halts its campaign of "brutality and repression"

11.19am: Russian leaders announce they will visit Belgrade today to negotiate an end to Nato air strikes

11:55am: Around 1,000 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo flee into Macedonia on tractors

Noon: Nato discloses that 500,000 people have been displaced in Kosovo by fighting in past year

12:10pm: Pope John Paul calls for an end to violence in Yugoslavia and says negotiation is the route to peace.

1:40pm: Albanian border at Morina reopens after it was closed for three hours. 4,000 refugees are arriving per hour

2:30pm: Part of the Kosovo capital Pristina is set on fire by Serbs

3:00pm: Macedonia's Foreign Minister says his country was "one step away" from being dragged into the war

3:15pm: Nato discloses that five leading Kosovo Albanians have been "executed", including Baton Haxhiu, editor in chief on the main Kosovo Albanian newspaper Koha Ditore and Fehmi Agani, a negotiator at the Rambouillet peace talks

3:45pm: Nato says 21 targets have been hit, seven were army and police targets

6.20pm: Yugoslav general claims his forces had downed seven Nato planes, three helicopters and 30 missiles