War In The Balkans: Timetable

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5.50pm: Nato fighter jets start to take off from Aviano air base for sixth night in a row. They are accompanied by two A-10 tank-busters, an Awacs early warning plane and a C-130 transport aircraft.

6.50pm: Air raid sirens start to sound. Explosions are heard just north of Belgrade near chemical factories and army installations.

10.30pm: US announces it is beefing up its air power over Yugoslavia, sending additional B1-B bombers, five EA-6B Prowler aircraft and also more tankers.


4.30am: Aid agency Care Australia reports that nine people have been killed by Nato bombs dropped on Yugoslav military targets. They say the bombs also damaged two of its refugee centres housing women and children.

5.15am: The Ministry of Defence dismisses Serbian claims that an RAF Harrier jet has been shot down over Montenegro.

8.30am: Russian Prime Minister, Yevgeny Primakov, arrives in Belgrade to try to end the attacks.

8.45am: MoD says six Harrier ground attack jets abandoned an overnight raid due to bad weather.

12.00: Reports emerge that Serbian forces backed by armour and artillery have launched an attack on a valley in central Kosovo where 50,000 ethnic Albanian refugees are believed to be sheltering.

12.30pm: Kosovo's main border post with Albania, through which refugees have flooded in recent days, reopens after being shut for 14 hours by Yugoslav guards.

1.30pm: Reports emerge of Serbian forces attacking ethnic Albanian districts of Pristina. Parts of the city are reported to be in flames.

2.00pm: Primakov-Milosevic talks end

3.00pm: Air raid sirens sound in Belgrade

5.30pm: Mr Primakov arrives in Bonn to discuss Kosovo with Chancellor Gerhard Schroder.