War In The Balkans: Timetable

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Thursday 1 April

1.40am: Three US soldiers patrolling the Serbian border in Macedonia are reported missing.

2.55am: Nato missiles destroy a bridge in the centre of Novi Sad.

8.35am: US Army in Bonn says it believes three men shown on Serb TV are the missing soldiers.

1.20pm: Milosevic meets Rugova in Belgrade.

3.20pm: French air force says a strike against Serbia was cancelled overnight due to poor weather.

3.30pm: The Pope's envoy meets Milosevic.

3.45pm: Serbian state media reports that Milosevic and Rugova agree to seek a peaceful solution in Kosovo.

5.00pm: Albania says that Rugova's meeting with Milosevic had been irresponsible, if he had taken part voluntarily.

6.00pm: The Yugoslav state news agency, Tanjug, reports that the captured US soldiers are to be court martialled.

7.40pm: US President Bill Clinton speaking about captured soldiers warns Milosevic: "We will hold him and his government responsible for their safety and their well-being."

8.25pm: Washington announces it wants to hold a meeting with Rugova.

8.40pm: KLA denounces Rugova for meeting Milosevic.

11pm: US to send 12 more F-117A Stealth aircraft to join airstrikes.