War In The Balkans: Timetable

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Saturday 3 April

5pm BST: The BBC says it has received video pictures which appear to confirm accounts of Serb atrocities in Kosovo

5.30pm: Britain says the international community should set up a sanctuary in Macedonia for refugees

5.30pm: Macedonia announces it won't accept any more refugees unless they can go on to other European countries

6pm: Nato destroys a second bridge over the Danube, linking Novi Sad with Sremska Kamenica

6pm: Nato says a force could go into Kosovo to return refugees ahead of Milosevic signing any peace agreement

6.51pm: Italy and France back Russia's proposal for a conference of the world's powers on Kosovo

7.30pm: After Nato's first missile strike on central Belgrade, the Clinton administration declares that "no target is off-limits"

8pm: Pentagon says Nato has no plan to use ground forces

Sunday 4 April

4.30am: Nato strikes another three locations in Belgrade, and several targets in central Serbia

8.31am: Nato says more than one million Kosovo Albanians have been uprooted from their homes and are trapped inside the province

8.50am: Russian reconnaissance ship Liman, sails through Turkey's strategic Dardanelles strait

9.50am: Pope John Paul opens Easter Sunday mass with a call to pray for the "martyred region of the Balkans"

11.30am: Foreign Secretary Robin Cook says that Macedonia has agreed to the setting up on its territory of an internationally run sanctuary for 100,000 refugees

12.50pm: Western nations renew their warning to Milosevic not to try to destabilise the pro-Western government in the Yugoslav republic of Montenegro.

1pm: Nato pledges to step up its missile strikes on Yugoslavia to cripple Belgrade's military .

2.30pm: Nato says it has reports that Ibrahim Rugova, the moderate ethnic Albanian leader, is being held by Serb forces in his house in Pristina

4.45pm: US says it is deploying helicopter gunships to the conflict

6pm: Britain says it is ready to provide temporary accommodation for some of the refugees