War In The Balkans: Timetable

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Tuesday 6 April

12.30pm: Authorities in Aleksinac, 106 miles from Belgrade, say five people killed in Nato attack.

4pm: Yugoslavia declares unilateral truce in Kosovo for Orthodox Easter.

5pm: Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister, Vuk Draskovic, asks refugees to return home immediately in light of the ceasefire.

5.30pm: Britain and US dismiss the Yugoslav truce offer as a diplomatic ploy.

6pm: Nato frustrated by Serbian "cat and mouse tactics" but says Milosovic tanks running out of fuel.

7.15pm: Air-raid sirens sound in Belgrade 15 minutes after Serb "ceasefire" begins.

8.30pm: The KLA publishes the names of 178 Kosovo Albanians it said had been executed by Yugoslav firing squads.

8.40pm: Six explosions near Batinica military airport north of Belgrade.

9pm: Yugoslav television carries reports of Nato air strikes at Uzice, 120km south-west of Belgrade, and in Cacak, site of a suspected munitions plant.

11.30: Air strikes reported around Pristina; at the industrial town of Pancevo; Studio B television claims missile hits residential district in Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital.