War in the Balkans: Timetable Day 16

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Wednesday 7 April


An unmanned US army reconnaissance aircraft is shot down over Yugoslavia

Thursday 8 April


Nato bombs targets across Serbia. Missiles hit a former army building in the heart of Belgrade.

There are explosions in the outskirts of Kraljevo, in the villages of Ladjevci and Vitanovci near Kraljevo, where a fuel depot is destroyed.


Heavy explosions rock Pristina.


Tanjug news agency reports that at least three people have been killed after Nato strike at 4am local time on a ski resort south of Belgrade.


Nato announces it will send 8,000 troops to Albania to provide "military support" to the humanitarian aid effort.


French Defence Minister, Alain Richard, says Nato air strikes have shattered the Yugoslav military command and reduced its ability to reinforce its troops in Kosovo.


Spyros Kyprianou, Speaker of the Cypriot parliament, arrives in Belgrade to try to secure the release of three American prisoners of war.


Serbian security forces say they are ending an offensive against "terrorist" ethnic Albanian guerrillas and peace has been restored in Kosovo.

Yugoslavia's Information Minister says there will be some "good news" concerning the three captured American soldiers.


Slovenia, which broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991, says it will take in 1,600 refugees fleeing the violence in Kosovo.