War in The Balkans: Timetable: Day 22

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Wednesday 14 April

3.40am: Nato targets a railway bridge in south-western Serbia connecting Belgrade with the port city of Bar in Montenegro, Studio B television reported. The nearby Bistrica hydro-electric power-plant was also damaged.

4.40am: The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, calls for the release of two Australian care workers held by Serbs on spying charges.

6.45am: The German Deputy Foreign Minister, Ludger Vollmer, says Germany had drafted a plan to end the fighting in Kosovo.

9am: Air-raid sirens sound in Belgrade. Two large explosions heard but thought to be sonic booms.

11am: Russia is planning to send nine more warships to the Mediterranean to shadow Nato ships taking part in operations against Yugoslavia, according to the Turkish military.

11.30am: Explosions heard near the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad.

11.50am: Arkan, the Serb militia leader, is scouring jails in Serbia for recruits for "ethnic cleansing" campaign.

2pm: The Kosovo Liberation Army's Kosovapress news agency reports that more than 1,000 Kosovo Albanians have been killed by "Serbian terrorist forces" over the past four days in the central Drenica region.

2.30pm: Nato welcomes German peace plan but says it has no "official" status.

4pm: Serbs claim that their forces have shot down unmanned German reconnaissance plane over Kosovo.

4.10pm: At least 64 Kosovo refugees killed by Nato air strike on refugee convoy on a bridge at Djakovica, in southern Kosovo, the Serbs claim.