War In The Balkans: Timetable - Day 31

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Friday 23 April

1am: Huge explosion at the RTS building in Belgrade, where Serbian TV has its main studio, takes all channels off the air.

7am: Serb TV resumes broadcasting from secret transmitters

2.20pm: Russia's Balkan envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin says Milosevic has agreed to the deployment of foreign troops in Kosovo.

2.50pm: Reports that ethnic Albanian guerrillas fighting inside Kosovo have written to Nato asking for air drops or ground forces to combat Serbian security forces they say are dispersing and digging in across the province.

3.20pm: Yugoslavia says it discussed a possible unarmed UN presence in Kosovo with Russian peace envoy - apparently contradicting the envoy's reported statement that Belgrade had agreed to admit troops.

3.55pm: Nato says the reported Yugoslav offer on foreign presence in Kosovo falls well short of what is required.

4pm: Tanjug reports two Nato missiles have exploded near Pristina.

5pm: Yugoslavia tells the UN that Nato bombing of its chemical, oil and pharmaceutical installations has caused an ``ecological catastrophe''.

5.30pm: Albanian police load 3,000 refugees on to buses in Kukes and move them out of town.

5.30: A UNHCR team in Malina Mala on the Macedonia-Kosovo border urgently requests food and clothing for 100 refugees found in a mosque there who had walked 10 hours in the rain. Some of the children seemed unconscious, unable to talk or eat.