War in the Balkans: Timetable: Day 36 - Wednesday 28 April

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12.10am: Air raid sirens sound in Belgrade. Explosions heard soon after. An army barracks is reported hit.

12.15am: Tanjug reports Nato planes have attacked a fuel dump of state oil company Jugopetrol near central Serbian town of Pozega.

1.50am: State broadcaster RTS and state-run Radio Belgrade go off the air.

5.30am: All clear sounds in Belgrade.

12noon: Nato blasts the area around Pristina with more than 30 missiles. Explosions reported in the region around Kosovska Mitrovica, north of Pristina, and two heavy detonations shake Mount Mokra Gora.Two strong detonations also heard from the coal mine of Stari Trg, near Kosovska Mitrovica.

12.30pm: Nato targets an oil refinery in Novi Sad. The refinery has been hit several times since Nato started airstrikes.

1.50pm: The Yugoslav army opens fire with anti-aircraft guns and rockets from the Montenegrin port of Bar.

4pm: Russia's RIA news agency says Serbian President Milan Milutinovic and Kosovo ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova had signed a joint statement in Pristina.

4.30pm: Tanjug announces that Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Vuk Draskovic has been sacked for expressing views "in contradiction with the positions of the federal government."

6pm: KLA claims heavy fighting has raged during the day between KLA units and Serb forces southwest of Pristina.