War In The Balkans: Timetable Day 37

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Thursday 29 April

12.10am: Explosions hit Novi Sad area.

12.25am: Nato targets Pozarevac, Milosevic's hometown, for the first time since. Tanjug says a missile hit the railway station near town centre.

3am: Nato destroys a bridge over the Sava river at Ostruznica, outside Belgrade and damages another on the route between Nis and Skopje.

8am: Tanjug says explosions heard in and around Podgorica.

4am: Explosions in Belgrade and Podgorica. Serbian media reports missiles hitting the oil refinery in Novi Sad and setting it ablaze, as well as explosions in the Montenegrin port of Bar.

5am: All clear sounds in Pristina.

5.20am: All-clear sounds in Belgrade.

10.10am: Air raid sirens sound in Pristina.

11am: Air raid sirens sound in Nis, Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Cacak.

12.30pm: Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russian envoy to Yugoslavia, meets German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder for talks on how to end the war.

1pm: A factory that produces iron and nickel compounds in the central Kosovo town of Glogovac is hit by Nato air strikes

1.55pm: Air raid sirens sound in Belgrade.

2pm: Factory in Glogovac, bombed by Nato at 1pm, is hit again.

4.10pm: All clear signal sounds in Belgrade.

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