War In The Balkans: Timetable: Day 44

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Thursday 6 May

Midnight: Nato aircraft strike at two oil depots in Nis, causing huge fires and damaging nearby homes

12.15am: Tanjug says Nato missiles hit the area around Prahovo in eastern Serbia, injuring one person.

8.30am: Thousands of refugees reported to be stranded in Serbia after Macedonia abruptly closed the frontier on Wednesday evening.

11am: "G8" foreign ministers from Western powers and Russia, meet in Bonn to outline a Kosovo peace plan that could be endorsed by the United Nations.

11.50am: Air raid alert sounds in Belgrade.

2pm: US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright reasserts that Nato must be the core of a Kosovo force.

3pm: Explosions heard in and around Novi Sad.

2.40pm: Ms Albright says US still wants all Yugoslav forces to pull out of Kosovo.

3pm: Russia says Nato presence in Kosovo not possible without Belgrade's agreement.

3.15pm: The G8 foreign ministers adopt general principles on the political solution to the Kosovo crisis.

5.40pm: President Bill Clinton leaves Germany for Washington.