War In The Balkans: Timetable: Day 49

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12.00: Nato launches one of its heaviest bombings of Yugoslavia overnight. Strategic targets include airfields at Sjenica and Ponikve, Yugoslav military barracks at Pancevo and Belgrade barracks at Avala.

1am: China demands Nato halts the bombing before it will consider backing a peace proposal for Yugoslavia drawn up by seven major Western powers and Russia. China fails to win adoption by the Security Council of a statement condemning Nato's missile attack on its Belgrade embassy.

7am: Beijing's diplomatic quarter returns to calm with no sign of the demonstrators who had besieged the US and British embassies.

9am: Chinese television airs an apology by Bill Clinton for the Belgrade mission attack.

11.30am: Viktor Chernomyrdin, the Russian Kosovo envoy, says that China accepts that a G8 peace proposal could be the basis of negotiations.

1pm: US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott arrives in Moscow for talks.

2pm: China insists Nato halts its bombing of Yugoslavia as a condition for resolving the crisis and claims Russia agrees.

3pm: Thirty Kosovo Liberation Army rebels were injured in fighting with Yugoslav forces.

3.45pm: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder leaves for Beijing on a one- day visit aimed at persuading China to back UN peace moves.

5pm: UN war crimes prosecutor Louise Arbour says she will go to the top of Yugoslavia's political and military structures in probing events in Kosovo.