War in the Balkans: Timetable Days 18 & 19

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Saturday 10 April

8am: Nato attacks targets around Pristina.

9am: Yugoslavia reopens border with Macedonia.

11am: UN says it wants refugees to stay in the region.

2.30pm: Powerful explosions heard in southern Serbian towns of Nis and Kraljevo.

4pm: UK says aircraft carrier Invincible is going to Adriatic. US orders in 82 more planes.

5pm: Missiles hit Pristina airport and nearby Urossevac. Serbs say they destroyed third missile near Pristina.

6pm: Serb forces and KLA exchange gunfire near Albania border.

8pm: Thousands of refugees enter Albania.

Sunday 11 April

1am: Nato planes drop 2.5 million leaflets explaining why Serbia is under attack.

10.30am: Explosions in Pristina.

Noon: Albania says it will accept more Nato troops on its territory.

2pm: One of two Australian aid workers who disappeared in Serbia is shown on TV and quoted as apologising for Nato actions.

2.30pm: Serbs say a three-year old girl, her father and another civilian were killed overnight at Mirovac.

4pm: Serbs say they repelled incursion into Kosovo from Albania on Saturday night.

4.15pm: Nato says aerial photograph may show fresh mass graves at Orahovac, Kosovo.

4.30pm: US says Nato has stand-by plans to use ground troops, but insist that air campaign will be sufficient.

5pm: Serbs say unknown gunmen killed newspaper owner Slavko Curuvija, a critic of Slobodan Milosevic.

6.05pm: Two civilians reported killed in Albania by Serb mortar attack.