War in the Balkans: Timetable Days 19 & 20

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Sunday 11 April

7pm: Air-raid sirens sound in Belgrade. Thousands of residents congregate on the city's three main bridges to shield the structures from possible Nato air strikes.

11pm: Three KLA guerrillas and a western journalist are reported seriously injured in northern Albania.

11.55pm: Tanjug news agency reports several air strikes, saying one missile hit a residential area of Novi Sad.

Monday 12 April

12.05am: Nato strikes an oil refinery north of Belgrade.

1.40am: Explosions are heard in Pancevo, northeast of Belgrade, where the oil refinery is hit. Batajnica military airfield south of Belgrade is hit.The car factory in Kragujevac that was damaged last week is bombed again.

9am: Nato foreign ministers meet in Brussels.

2pm: Serbian military official says a passenger train from Leskovac to Skopje in Macedonia was hit in an earlier Nato attack, killing 10 people and injuring 16.

3.45pm: Tanjug reports that at least 150 ethnic Albanian rebels from Kosovo have been killed in a border clash with the Yugoslav army between Morina and Kosare.

5.15pm: Albanian news agency Kosova Press says Serb forces are using ethnic Albanian civilians as human shields against Nato strikes.