War In The Balkans: Timetable - Days 20, 21

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Monday 12 April

8pm: Air raid sirens sound in Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac and Podgorica.

9pm: Yugoslav news agency Tanjug says third civilian has died in hospital after a Nato missile hit a car on the road between Pristina and Kosovo Polje earlier in the afternoon.

Tuesday 13 April

1.15-1.30am: Four big explosions heard in Pristina.

2.30am: Three explosions shake eastern Belgrade close to city centre. Tanjug says a military barracks hit.

6.35am: Air raid alert in Belgrade ends.

8.45am: Nato planes hit a Yugoslav army barracks and fuel trucks in Pristina.

9am: Madeleine Albright meets Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, to encourage Russia back into search for peace.

Midday: Italian news agency reports Serbian forces have crossed the Yugoslav- Albanian border and occupied Albanian village of Padesh.

1pm: Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, says he has been informed by Yugoslav Foreign Ministry that Australian aid workers will be charged with spying.

3.30pm: Serb forces withdraw from Albanian territory after surrounding the northern village of Kamenica and exchanging fire with Albanian border guards.

3.30pm: Yugoslav Foreign Ministry denies allegations that Serb forces entered Albania.

3.40pm: Tony Blair says Britain will send extra 1,800 troops to help the humanitarian effort.

5pm: Nato says that Slobodan Milosevic now has 23 battalion-size units in Kosovo.

5.15pm: Nato's military commander, General Wesley Clark, says he has requested 300 more US aircraft for air strikes.

5.30pm: Russia announces two more warships will sail to Mediterranean.