War in the Balkans: War Aims - Blair sets out Nato's terms

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TONY BLAIR warned last night there would be "no compromise" with Slobodan Milosevic and that Nato would continue to bomb Yugoslavia until he conceded all of its demands.

"This policy of ethnic cleansing must be seen to be defeated so that this type of appalling situation is not allowed to happen again," Mr Blair said.

"There must be no question of half measures ... Milosevic must withdraw his forces from Kosovo, he must cease the policy of ethnic cleansing and he must allow an international force in to allow people to return to their homes and villages. That must be the only set of terms on which Nato must settle this matter."

Mr Blair predicted that President Milosevic would now try to divide the Nato alliance, but insisted there were "no splits".

Robin Cook, the Foreign Secretary, announced that Britain is to fund a new information network run by former journalists forced to flee from Kosovo. He said it would be based in a neighbouring country and give Kosovo Albanians a means of communication which President Milosevic could not block.