War in the Balkans:Timetable: Days 26, 27

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Sunday 18 April

11pm: Tanjug says Nato pilots bombed the area around Pristina four times

11.55pm: Air raid alert sounds in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Cacak

Monday 19 April

12.25am: Explosion heard in Novi Sad

12.30am: Paracin, 90 miles south of Belgrade, hit by three missiles

12.35am: Nato planes attack the majority Hungarian region of Subotica, in northern Yugoslavia

1.00am: Morini, the main crossing point for fleeing ethnic Albanian refugees into Albania closed after Belgrade's ending of diplomatic relations with Albania

8.55am: Nato missiles strike a communications transmitter near Pristina

9.00am: Blast heard near Boljevac in eastern Serbia

10.00 am: Tass reports that Boris Yeltsin says he will not allow the West to defeat Slobodan Milosevic

10.55am: Albania's ambassador to Nato accuses Serbia of shelling his country daily and says Albania is ready for wider attacks

11.00am: Air raid reported on the Goles area of Kosovo

1.00pm: Serb soldiers and Albanian border guards exchange gunfire on the Yugoslav-Albanian frontier

5.30pm: Reports emerge that the Yugoslav army is expelling residents of three mainly Muslim villages in Montenegro, Bukelj, Dacici and Kalundjerski Laz, near the border with Kosovo and turning the villages into a second frontline