Warning on garden tool injuries

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A warning about the perils of gardening implements was issued by insurers yesterday as the unseasonally warm weather encouraged thousands of Britons to relax outside.

Figures released by the Association of British Insurers put lawnmowers top of the danger list, responsible for 5,400 injuries each year, followed by hedge-trimmers, which injure 4,000 people. Spades are said to result in 3,000 injuries while garden forks turn up another 2,500 accidents. Even flower pots are not to be trusted, leaving 2,450 people injured every year, while wheelbarrows account for nearly 2,000 accidents.

The ABI deputy director, Tony Baker, said: "Gardens are more dangerous places than most people think. Yet the vast majority of gardening accidents can be avoided by recognising the dangers and taking a few simple precautions."