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El Nino has disrupted weather patterns around the world Here are the latest items for which it must take the credit or blame.

Kenya: According to an official count, there are now more than 1.5 million flamingos around Lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley. The birds have been largely absent from the lake for the past 10 years, but El Nino has brought the ideal weather for them to return in force. "They are back, and it is very nice to have them," said Daniel Kilonzo, senior warden at Nakuru National Park. Falling water levels in the 1980s had affected the salinity of the lake and driven the flamingos away, but the recent torrential rain has restored levels.

Mexico: Storms blowing in from the United States have brought unusually cold weather to normally balmy spots in Mexico. Light snow was reported in 10 Mexican states on Tuesday. At least three people - two in Cuba and one in Guatemala - were reported killed in storms.

Guyana: The education ministry in Guyana has announced plans to cut afternoon classes for primary and elementary schools starting next week. This has become necessary as part of a strict water-rationing plan. While high-level winds, caused by El Nino, have protected the Caribbean from hurricanes, they have also led to severe drought in South America.