Wedding video emerges of groom who was buried on the day he was supposed to be married

Solomon Chau passed away after being diagnosed with liver cancer

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The wedding video of a groom who was buried on what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life is being widely shared on social media.

Solomon Chau had intended to marry his beloved fiancée Jennifer Carter on August 21.

However, while the couple were planning their nuptials last December, Chau was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Following emergency surgery, doctors were able to successfully remove the tumour, but the cancer returned in March and Chau was informed it was terminal.

This forced the couple to bring their wedding forward to April and, when news of the couple's situation broke, the people in their home city of Toronto raised $50,000 to go towards the ceremony.

The recording of their special day has since been shared widely by news outlets and on social media, hailed as a portrayal of true and enduring love.

The couple were married for the next 128 days before Chau passed away in his sleep on August 17.

His funeral, the following Saturday, coincided with the couple's original wedding date.

"He fought until his very last breath, and had all of his doctors shaking their heads in disbelief at just how much he could handle," wrote Carter on a Facebook post.