6-year-old writes ice cold Valentine's card to his stepmother

Only a child could be this brutal

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A welcome antidote to all the 'heart-warming' letters from kids you see shared, this Valentine's card is wonderfully malevolent.

"I <3 you. From nobody." it says succinctly, written by a six-year-old to his stepmother and shared by his big brother on Reddit.

Users have suggested the card was in fact a veiled attempt to show love for the stepmother without offending the real mother, or else simply intended to be anonymous, but I like to think this kid is just a complete jerk and goes around ruining people's days.

It's certainly a contrast from the other child-written letters that have popped up on Imgur lately, including one inviting a girl over to "come and eat cheeses with me" and another addressed to the mailman just so he had something to open for once.