Angela Coates: Photo of new Jeremy Meeks-style ‘#prisonbae’ goes viral

New fans even said they'd pay her bail

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After the internet was flooded with images of ‘handsome felon’ Jeremy Meeks this summer - earning him a modelling contract and an army of  crazed fans - a new mugshot has stolen his mantle.

Despite the grey backdrop, jail smock and unforgiving police camera used to take her mug shot, 22-year-old model Angela Coates has garnered a swathe of somewhat creepy online admirers.

One enthusiastic tweeter compared her mugshot to a “beauty pageant entry form”, while hashtags including #prisonbae accompanied retweets of the snap.

Ms Coates, who lives in Miami, was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia, in August for disorderly conduct, with a bail set at $360, according to Georgia Arrests.

Taken by her photogenic looks, some mesmerised admirers even pledged to pay her bail fee.

The model has previously appeared in American magazine Jet as ‘Beauty of the Week’, and describes herself as a model and entrepreneur on Instagram. According to her modeling profile, she enjoys ballet, baking and designing shoes, the International Business Times reported.

Amid the social media storm, Jet magazine was quick to confirm Ms Coates had appeared in the publication.

Responding to the attention on social media and offers to pay her bail, Coates tweeted that she had been released the night she was detained.

“Ya’ll and this mugshot sh*t,” she wrote, according to Clutch magazine, adding: “I was released the same night lol this sh*t is straight comedy.”