Apparently the top fantasy job is being a Minion

More of us want to be a Minion than anything else

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Being a minion is the top fantasy job which Britons secretly hanker after.

The cartoon blobs who found fame in the Despicable Me film franchise took the top spot in a poll of the Top 10 fantasy jobs conducted by vouchercloud.

The characters have proven surprisingly popular in recent years, inspiring their own spin off film released earlier this month and having a theme park ride at Universal Studios Florida based on their antics.  

Minions were closely followed in the poll by being a Hogwarts professor, a superhero or a dinosaur trainer. Other popular picks included being a time traveller or Jedi Knight.

The top 10 fantasy jobs
1. Minion
2. Hogwarts professor
3. Superhero
4. Dinosaur trainer
5. Time traveller
6. Greek God
7. Tooth fairy
8. Fairy godmother
9. Jedi Knight
10. Vampire slayer