Are these the best mates in the world? Friends pluck trapped moth from man's ear canal

The unfortunate man was writhing on the floor after a huge moth and a tick burrowed in his ear

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Do you happen to be eating? If so, put the food down.

Stomach-churning footage of a man having a live moth plucked from the inner cavities of his ear with a tweezer has gone viral.

The man, only known as Mikey, is filmed by friends (who needs enemies?) writhing on the floor in agony after a moth flew straight into his ear canal.

He can be heard saying “It’s just f***ed up man” and that he could hear it in his head.

His pals decide to remove the moth themselves, in addition to a tick that also happened to make its way into his ear. And it's all on camera.

Warning: video contains footage of a disgusting nature and a lot of (understandable) swearing



His friends successfully manage to extract the moth, amidst a cacophony of screams and laughter, to find the brown moth fluttering still half-alive and actually quite large.