Are you attractive? Anaface website claims to be able to determine whether you're beautiful

Beauty is pixel deep on Anaface

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Because obviously there aren't enough things in the world setting impossible standards for beauty, imagining formulas for it and frowning upon imperfections, now there's a new pseudo-scientific website being shared far and wide that claims to be able to assess how pretty you are from a photograph.

Anaface (short for Analyze Face) asks users to upload a photo of themselves and then set 17 markers on different parts of their face including the eyes, mouth and jawline, before using an algorithm to 'rank' your looks out of 10.

The service has already had over 100,000 shares on social media, despite being predicated on pretty insubstantial logic.

"The algorithm we use is based on a combination of neo-classical beauty measures, substantial research and statistical analysis," creator Bryan Cooley told The Daily Mail, but really how accurate can a test be for something so subjective?

Gotta do something about those ears, Aaron Paul

Anaface provides users with comments about exactly what is 'wrong' with their face, noting things like "poor horizontal symmetry" and "ears being too long for your nose".

Emma Watson for instance (who scored 8.21), it sees as having "a mouth too wide for her nose".

While good symmetry and well-proportioned features might make for a statuesque look, the service fails to take into account the imperfections that make humans beautiful however, as well as little things like, say, personality, charisma, intelligence and charm.

If this isn't enough to convince you of its limitations however, then just keep in mind that the Blobfish managed a 4.8.