Baby goes through car wash, has mind blown


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The automatic car wash is a terrifying thing when you're in your first months on the planet, a gateway into a soapy cavern with only rotating bristles in sight and the tube of Smarties you scored from the petrol station to hold onto.

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The experience is captured perfectly in the eyes of this toddler, who looks wide-eyed as the Kraken-like sound of the brushes whirring into action begins.

Drinking a Fruit Shoot twice the size of his head like an absolute boss, the boy looks around searchingly as the bristles pound the windscreen, before reaching a hand out to his father in such a way as to say: 'Take me away from this hellish place'.

The YouTube video cuts out before the car wash is over, but one hopes he made it through to the other side without tears, speeding into the brightness of the day in a shinier vehicle to drink juice another day.