Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's fattest ever cat set for Christmas health kick

Morbidly obese Texas weighs almost three times the weight he should

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Battersea Dogs and Cats home has taken in its fattest ever cat and put him on a strict regime of healthy eating and exercise to ensure he sheds the pounds in the lead up to Christmas.

Texas, who weighs in at a staggering 26 pounds, was given to Britain’s biggest animal welfare home when his owner passed away recently.

And according to staff, he is the biggest cat Battersea has ever seen.

To put Texas’ weight into perspective, he is almost three times the weight he should be, and is the equivalent of a middle-aged man weighing 41 stone.

In a bid to get Texas into shape, staff at the home have now come up with a weight loss plan to help the moggy fight the fat.

While for most people it is a given they will put weight on at Christmas, for Texas it will be a festive period of healthy meals and regular exercise to try and trim his weight. Suili Weight, team leader at Battersea, said: "At Battersea we take in around 3,000 cats every year, so we see cats of all shapes and sizes, but Texas is by far the biggest cat we've ever seen.

Weight said that the home had had to make modifications to Texas’ pen so that Texas could live comfortably.

Nevertheless, Weight was keen to point out that this was an example of what overfeeding by pet owners could lead to.

She said: "Some people might think it's funny to see a cat this big, but it is in fact extremely sad to see an animal which is suffering so badly.

"Overfeeding your cat is a form of cruelty, you may think you are showing it love by giving it treats and feeding it human foods, but it's in fact an incredibly cruel thing to do in the long run."

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