BBC reporter gets hit with snowball, unflinchingly reports the damn news

A rock projectile couldn't keep this man from reading the news

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Photobombers are the perennial pest of every reporter out in the field, liable to slide into your shot waving at their mum, chanting about willies or else just getting theirs out.

Becoming embroiled in a snowball fight might be a first though, which happened to Peter Hinley during a dispatch on the BBC News channel.

Unbeknownst to Henley, a teen snuck up behind him and launched a snowball in his direction, potentially disrupting his report on UKIP.

It only hit him in the back but could have caused a lesser news man to hesitate, but not Henley, who continued to address the camera without missing a beat.

I'm glad someone takes the regional impact of the general election seriously around here.

For an even more badass reporter, enjoy this man responding to an onlooker's "this is a f*cking library!" with the rebuke: "This is the f*cking news."