Black and blue or white and gold? Judge for yourself - a first-hand video look at 'The Dress'

Watch a video explanation on why the world has been split over one dress

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The last 24 hours has seen the internet go mad over one dress.

After images of the “world’s most famous dress” appeared online yesterday, it has split the social media world in two.

In one corner you have those that adamantly of the belief that the dress is “quite clearly” blue with black stitching, in the other corner you have an equally resolute bunch that swear the dress is white and gold. It has caused fights, broken up friendships and split families, but still no one can agree.

Celebrities have got involved; Taylor Swift is “Team Blue and Black”, while Anna Kendrick says that if the dress isn’t white and gold, “the universe is falling apart.”


Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cannot seem to agree.

There have been scientific explanations, psychoanalytical readings and philosophical theories all over what different perceptions of the dress might mean. 

Well, if you still can’t decide, watch the video above.

It may not help you come to a conclusion, but it will help explain why the world has been turned completely upside down by one blue and black...sorry white and gold dress.